Changing your major subject at Kiel University

Students who are already enroled in a particular field of study at Kiel University can change their major subject or their degree sought prior to the beginning of each semester. You must observe the application deadlines.

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We recommend that you speak to the academic advisors of the subject(s) you wish to transfer into for the coming semester. Make an appointment for a thorough consultation.

Academic credit deriving from your previous studies may be granted by the Prüfungsamt, the academic testing office, of the subject of your choice. You must see to this yourself. You will receive a certificate of credit transfer, known as an Anrechnungsschreiben, which you should submit, together with your Antrag auf Fachwechsel, the application for change of academic major, to the International Center before the applicable deadline. You may submit these documents in person or by regular mail.

Students who will be completing their particular course of study in the present semester, and who would like to continue their studies in a new subject or work toward a different degree in the coming semester, should submit an Antrag auf Fachwechsel as previously described.

Please observe:


Students of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacology who are EU citizens may only apply via Hochschulstart (only German).