Accident insurance / reporting an accident

Accident insurance / reporting an accident

Students who are enrolled at the university are generally covered by an accident insurance policy


  • during attendance at lectures, seminars and courses at the university
  • on the direct routes to and from the university
  • when attending study-related events such as courses, university revision courses or laboratory practicals
  • on excursions and study trips that fall under the organisational responsibility of the institution of higher education
  • during study-related research and individual activities that fall within the organisational area of responsibility of the university
  • during university sports activities
  • during pratic activities in the context of diploma and doctoral theses, which are carried out within the university's spatial and organisational area of responsibility
  • during visits to the university libraries

reporting an accident:

The report to the CAU should be made immediately after medical care has been received by e-mail.

Please use the form of the Unfallkasse Nord     ("Unfallanzeige für Kinder in Tageseinrichtungen, Schüler und Studierende") for the report.

International students please report the accident using the form at the International Center, all others at the Student Services.

The CAU will then forward the reports to the Unfallkasse Nord.