Useful Information for refugees

Information about Studying in Germany from the DAAD (German Academic Exchnage Service)

You would like to study in Germany? Great! Here you find many useful information about studying and living in Germany...

Flüchlinge in Schleswig-Holstein - Refugees Welcome

The Flüchtlingsportal - gives informations in german, arabic, farsi, english, russian and tigrinya for asyl , Schleswig-Holstein, german-courses und contact persons.


The site Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds Hochschule consults you to the topics language courses, estimation of your academic status, choice of subject for your studies and to the procedure of getting you in the german academic working market. The next office is in Hamburg, but you can also contact them via phone or email.

Science4Refugees matches talented refugees and asylum seekers who have a scientific background with positions in universities and research institutions that are 'refugee-welcoming organisations' and that have suitable positions available, including internships and part-time and full-time jobs.

The Hochschulkompass offers you a detailed summary  of the german universities and extensive searching possibilities. So you can narrow your search down by filters for type of college, funding body, federal state or location. To that you can find information about the leaders of the college, pressoffices, study consultants and other contact persons at the university.


The site ready4study grants you access to an online-course which prepares you detailed to study in germany. The course is for free and refers to topics, like constructing your timetable, important buildings and offices at a university und informations to finance your studies.

At  DUO - Deutsch-Uni-Online you will find online-courses with different difficulty levels and different price-classes. Some courses also prepare your vocabulary especially for a specific subject, like law, business and medicine. Also working-specific courses can be taken.

On the website of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung a list of diverse and pracitcal tips and links to online-lectures, radio-stations for refugees, the german constitution and many more can be found.