Guest auditor offer for refugees at Kiel University

Many of the refugees coming to Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein have an excellent education and are therefore in principle qualified to study at Kiel University.

Nevertheless, the road to the regular course of study is long and difficult. There are not enough suitable language course offers for all refugees. Additionally, inflexible application deadlines and timewise uncoordinated language tests prevent a fast and soon start of studies. To tackle these problems Kiel University is currently working on a concept to offer refugees with suitable qualifications a perspective for future studies.

Every refugee with the qualification to study and with German or English knowledge (B1 or B2) can apply as guest auditor in an admission-free subject. You will be able to take examinations and to receive credits for the actual course of study.

Required Documents:

  • Application for guest auditors for refugees
  • Normal copies of the school leaving certificates (if possible all high school diplomas and University certificates that are available)
  • Proof of German or English knowledge (normal copies, also proofs from private language schools, transcripts, school certificates etc. will be accepted)
  • Formative Curriculum (Educational background in original language)


  1. Interested persons can contact Ms. Paulina Borzyszkowski by email or they can come to her consultation hours. These are regularly on  tuesdays from 1 - 3 p.m. and thursdays from 9 - 12 a.m.
  2. The International Center will check all your documents and only if they are sufficient, you will obtain the application form and ID for guest auditors from Ms. Borzyszkowski.
  3. Afterwards you have to go to the lecturers of the lectures/seminars (Univis) you are interested in and get their signatures on the application and the guest auditor ID
  4. Additionally, you have to talk to the course advisers to get their signature. This is obligatory.
  5. You can only choose seminars/lectures for the current semester!
  6. The complete documents (application and ID for guest auditors) with all the required signatures have to be submitted to the International Center and the fee of 20€ has to be paid there. The IC will stamp and sign the guest auditor ID.
  7. You can then visit the selected and confirmed lectures/seminars.
  8. After the successful participation and completion of the required examination you will have to go to the examination office and get a confirmation of the credits acquired so the credit points can be saved for future regular studies.

Instructions: How to find a seminar/lecture?