Preparatory courses

Your foreign academic credentials do not qualify for direct access to higher education institutes? In this case, you can take an assessment test at a Studienkolleg, a college preparatory institute in Germany. You will find information regarding application at the Studienkolleg Hamburg and the subsequent application for a course of study at Kiel University.

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Applicants without a secondary school certificate equivalent to the German Abitur can establish their qualifications for admission to higher education by taking an assessment test at a Studienkolleg, a college preparatory institut in Germany. Students can either take the assessment test right away or after completing a subject-specific course at a Studienkolleg. Studienkolleg courses last one year. Students wishing to participate in a preparatory course must pass an entrance examen.

Please note! Being admitted to a preparatory course does not mean you have been admitted, nor does it ensure that you will be admitted  to any degree programme at Kiel University. After passing the final assessment test, you must reapply.

  • Kiel University
    International Center
    24098 Kiel

Other graduates apply via Uni-ASSIST.

The Studienkolleg serving Kiel University is located in Hamburg. For further information about application, deadlines and general notes, please visit the website of the Preparatory College Hamburg.

  Please note! A certificate from the Studienkolleg of a Fachhochschule, a university of applied scienes, does not cover admissions to a regular university. Such a certificate only qualifies students for degree programmes at a Fachhochschule, but not for programmes at Kiel University.