Admission to an advanced semester (BA, Diplom, Staatsexamen)

If you have already acquired creditable programme achievements during your studies and you wish to enrol in an advanced semester at Kiel University, you will find all necessary information about application and enrolment here.

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In order to be admitted into an advanced Semester of a Bachelor's programme, all foreign students with foreign academic certificates must submit a common application through the offices of  Uni-ASSIST in Berlin. You are obligated to complete the online application form from Uni-ASSIST. Please notice that you still have to send your application documents via mail to Uni-ASSIST. To apply ONLY online is NOT sufficient!

Attention! If you wish to apply for an advanced semester status, your previous academic credentials must be accredited by means of a special form. This form should be requested from the responsible examination authority. Additional information on this can be found among the general  admissions information.

Application form for admission at Kiel University

Please note:
  In order to enrol for a programme of study at Kiel University, only DSH tests which have been accredited by the HRK (German Rector’s Conference) will be recognized! Contact:

Website: Lektorat German as a Foreign Language
  Some study courses require special precognition. These study courses can be found in the Studienqualifikationssatzung. Please hand in the Bescheinigung über "besondere Vorkenntnisse" gemäß Studienqualifikationssatzung along with your application.


Special cases: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law

German citizens with certificates from foreign educational institutions

who are seeking admission to limited enrolment degree programmes should apply directly with Kiel University, Student Services, Office of  Admissions. You do not have to have academic certificates recognised separately.

German citizens with foreign academic certificates seeking admission to an open enrolment degree programme should register directly at the  Student Office, Administration Buildung, 1st floor. You do not have to have academic certificates recognised separately.


To find out whether foreign academic certificates qualify you for study at a German university, please visit the website of the Central Office for Foreign Educational Affairs (ZAB) at: