Application and admission

Application for degree-seeking students

Admission to the first semester (Bachelor, Diplom, Staatsexamen)

If you would like to enrol for a bachelor, diploma or state examination course at Kiel University, you will find all the necessary information about application and enrolment here.

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Admission to an advanced semester (BA, Diplom, Staatsexamen)

If you have already achieved transferable academic credits in your studies and would like to enrol in an advanced semester at Kiel University, you will find all the necessary information about application and enrolment here.

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Admission to a Master programme

If you have already completed a first degree (e.g. B.A. or Diplom) and are interested in starting a master´s programme at Kiel University, you will find all necessary information about application and enrolment here.

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Admission to doctoral studies

You have already acquired a study qualification (e.g. Master or Diplom) which entitles you to do a doctorate and would like to achieve this at Kiel University? You will find all the necessary information about application and admission here.

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Admission to the German course

You are interested in completing a course of study in German (e.g. Bachelor or Master) at Kiel University and have proof of eligibility for university admission. However, if you are unable to show sufficient German language proficiency, Kiel University offers you the possibility to attend the German as a foreign language course at the Lektorat. You will find all the necessary information about application and admission here.

ATTENTION  only for the German Course:

Application deadlines are January 31st for the up-coming summer semester and August 15th for the winter semester.

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Preparatory courses

If your academic qualifications/certificates do not entitle to directly study ar a higher education institute, you can take an assessment test at a Studienkolleg (preparatory college in Germany). You will find information regarding application to the Studienkolleg in Hamburg and the subsequent application for a course of study at Kiel University.

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Application for non-degree students

Admission as an ERASMUS Incoming

A day in the life of Kiel, in miniature by René Raab

You are a student of one of our European Partner Universities and you would like to study at Kiel University as an ERASMUS exchange student for one or two semester?

We are looking forward to your application and hope to welcome you here soon!

The deadline for the winter semester (starting in October) is June 15th and for the summer semester (starting in April) January 15th.

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee Join the ERASMUS in Kiel group


Kiel is the capital in the most northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Founded in 1233, Kiel has now around 240.000 inhabitants. About 35,000 of them are students. Directly located at the Baltic Sea, Kiel is famous for its sailing conditions and hosts the annual Kiel Week (Kieler Woche). The Kiel Week is one of the world's biggest sailing events  and atttracts hordes of visitors every year.

Impressions of Kiel

Kiel University

Founded in 1665 by Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Kiel University is the largest University in Schleswig Holstein. Today more than 25,000 Students are enrolled in one of over 180 degree programms, around 4000 of them studying at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Kiel University focues on four core research areas: Marine Sciences; Nano Sciences; Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change and Life Sciences. Addiotionally Kiel University collaborates with science and research institutes like the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (GEOMAR) and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (ifW).

Kiel University

Erasmus at Kiel University

Preconditions are that there exists a bilateral agreement between our universities. Depending on your main study language during your stay you need to provide a B1 proficiency in either German or English.                   

  1. Nomination from  your University to

2. Application at Mobility Online within the deadline (without the completion of your Learning Agreement)

3. Download Learning Agreement or use your own.

4. Finding courses either in our course catalogue (course suggestions) or in Kiel's lecture directory (not fully updated until the beginning of the next semester)

5. Three signatures in your Learning Agreement (by yourself, your university, by your Departmental Coordinator in Kiel). The International Center does not sign Learning Agreements.

6. Language Certificate of the main language during your stay in Kiel: either OLS test, confirmation by a lector from your university, or something near it.

The Learning Agreement and the language certificate must be uploaded completely at the latest before your arrival NOT until the deadline.

Social Media

Kiel University on Facebook

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Impressions of Kiel

Tutors of the International Center

Erasmus in Kiel

Living in Kiel

We have a room quota for Erasmus students. So if you apply in time (June 15th and January 15th) you have good chances to get a dorm room. All applications after the deadline will be set on a waiting line. If you want to look for yourself please look here for some links. Finding rooms via Facebook Erasmus in Kiel.

Assistance and Mentoring

Students of Kiel University are very dedicated in their aim to support students from abroad. Below you find various organisations.

Tutors for students

We offer help during enrolment and during the orientation programme and provide a programme with important information throughout the semester (Link).

Useful information in English for International Students in CAU Kiel!

Intercultural Mentor programme

Use the service of our interculturally trained mentors who guide you individually during your first term at Kiel University:

  • How to write a seminar paper, projekt or assignment
  • Become familiar with our presentation and moderation methods
  • Be aware of different communication patterns and behavior in seminars and teamwork
  • Find contact persons in your faculty

In our intercultural Kick-Off-Workshop (the date will be given to you on your enrolment) and on our special workshops and consultation hours we will answer your questions and assist you in becoming familiar with the German Culture of Science.

Study Buddy - Find German Friends

Study Buddy is a mentoring-programme for international and German students, with the intention to encourage the contact and exchange between international and German students and so the intercultural life at the universities of Schleswig-Holstein. Two students (international & German) get in touch due to similar interests and languages.

The Study Buddies meet in their free time and do, what is fun for them. They decide, how often they want to meet.

There are also some events, in which Study Buddies can join all together:

    welcoming event
    „Stammtisch“: meetings for all Study Buddies in a pub (once a month)
    Café (once a month)
    common action (once a semester)
    Study Buddy party



University Sport Centre


Soccer, Futsal and Soccer tournament



Sailing programme

Surfing courses in Sylt and Wind surfing

Find sport clubs in Kiel

Culture, Leasure, ect.

Trips, seminars and cultural events organized by the International Center

Music: Orchestra and Singing

Kieler Woche in the last June week

Metall Open Air Festival in Wacken in August (about 75km from Kiel)

International Art Festival NordArt from June til October

Churches on Campus (Catholic and Protestant)

Academic Calendar

  Winter term 2017/2018 Summer term 2018
Orientation days

exact date to be announced (first week in October)

exact date to be announced (last week in March)
Lecture period 16.10.2017 - 14.02.2018 02.04.2018 - 20.07.2016
Exam period to an updated overview 18.07.2018 - 30.07.2018

What to do after your arrival in Kiel?

Check in your dorm room (make a date with the Studentenwerk administration).

Go to the International Office Erasmus Incoming Officer to get your Confirmation of Attendance stamped and signed.

Go to the International Office to enroll (consider the dates in your letter of enrollment).

Visit your Departmental Coordinator (either make a date or look for his or her office hours).

One week before the beginning of the lecture period the International Center organizes Orientation Days. Meet university organisations, learn about Kiel and Kiel University, and sign up for tours. And of course meet lots of lots of new people.

Round about one week after the official beginn the Erasmus Incoming Officer helds an information especially for Erasmus Incoming students (learn about the different ways to register for courses and later for exams, relevant documents during your stay.)

Get Started Guide

Kiel A to Z

Feel Kiel - The ultimate Kiel Guide for Urban explorers

Examinations at Kiel University

For ERASMUS students registration is only possible with a paper application. A registration via OLAT or qis is not possible. If you have not agreed on a special condition, like more ECTS or instead of a written exam you take an oral test, then you register your exam with a paper application.

If you agreed on a different number of credits or instead of a written exam you take an oral test, then you do not register. In this case you ask the lecturer to issue a "Schein".

A "Schein" is a document that contains this minimum information: name of the student, semester, name of the course, awarded credits and grade, name of the lecturerer, signature of the lecturerer and the date. It is issued from the lecturer after you took the exam. It is not necessary to stay in Kiel until it is issued. Ask the lecturer to send it to you.

ERASMUS students register their exams via a paper document. As every faculty has its own examination office, different forms need to be used. Below you find the documents and the contact information:


At the following faculties/institutes you can ask for suppport:

  • Faculty of Medicine: Mr. Fickenscher and Mrs. Hoppe
  • Faculty of Law: Mrs. Thies
  • Business Administration: Mr. Laufs
  • Economics: Mrs. Hartz
  • Kiel School of Sustainability: Mr. Windhorst
  • German language course: Mrs. Schilling (or your teacher)


IMPORTANT: Use the respective forms from the Faculties (respectively from ther examination offices) you have courses in. Otherwise your application might not be processed completely.

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is an official ERASMUS document, that shows all the courses you took during your stay. If you were able to register all your courses at the examination office(s) then the examination office issues your Transcript (except for Medicine). Otherwise you are in charge of creating your Transcipt of Records.

Students studying Medicine, Law, Business Administation and Economics contact their Departemental Coordinator.
  • Download the template here or in Mobility Online. You might also use the one provided by your university.
  • Fill the document to the best of your knowledge.
  • Upload the excerpt from "qis" or your "Scheine" in Mobility Online.
  • After you have all your examination results you send the Transcript of Records to
  • The Erasmus Incoming Officer will check and sign the Transcript of Records.
  • By request the Transcipt of Records is send to your home adress.
  • It is not necessary, to remain in Kiel until the creation of your Transcript of Records.
NOTE: You are in charge of you Transcript of Records.

Leaving Kiel

Make sure that you ...

  • took care of your dorm room or your private living arrangement.
  • know where to get the results from your exams.
  • get your Confirmation of Departure from the Erasmus Incoming Officer (this document is issued only in the week of your departure).
  • give notice of your departure in the Town hall.


Admission as a guest student

It is your wish to study for one or two semesters at Kiel University? You are not nominated for economical support within a regulated exchange programme with Kiel University? In this case, you will find information on how to apply as a guest student here.

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