Financial assistance for doctoral students

Interim Financial Aid for Doctoral Candidates

In exceptional cases international doctoral candidates can apply for an interim financial aid during the final period of their docotoral studies.

The application can be obtained from the International Center. This type of financial aid is granted to those students who

  1. are in a situation of financial emergency for which they themselves are not responsible,
  2. have sucessfully carried out their doctoral studies and are expected to finish thier doctoral studies within the next 6 months,
  3. have a well-founded prospect of finishing their doctoral studies successfully.

Due to the high number of applicants, an avarage amount of 2 months is usually granted. The maximum length of funding is 3 months.

The selection of stipends is done by a committee that consists of representatives of the International Center and the Graduate Center of CAU.

Contact at Kiel University
International Center
Jan Bensien
Tel.: 0431-880 3716

More information about financial assistance for doctoral students on the website of the Graduate Center of Kiel Univesity