If you started the Certificate Program before winter term 2019/20 and you will still take part of it, don't worry - we will match your old certificate components to the new module plan!

This is an overview of about all the components which belong to the program. In general you have to know, that the program will last at least 4 semesters like your regular Master Study Program. Don't worry about the compulsory components - the time you have to invest will be as small as it's possible to manage, but you have to learn so many things within this program, so you have to figure out, if you can spend the time during the semesters. There are planned at least up to 5 or 6 events each semester, but your module plan shows, that you should take part in at least 2 or 3 events, so you can attend all the events within the modules.


Module ENG: English-taught seminars/workshops
  • ENG 1: Workshop 'How to apply for a job in Germany'
  • ENG 2: Workshop 'Job application training'
  • ENG 3: Keynote Presentation with several topics from seminar series 'Impuls' (different events from term to term)


Module GER: German-taught seminars/workshops
  • GER 1: Seminar series 'Impuls'
  • GER 2: Sprache aktivieren! - To activate your language!
  • GER 3: Kommunikation trainieren! - To train communication!
  • GER 4: Kompetenzcheck Arbeitsmarkt - to create your individual profile


Module LAN: German language courses at Department 'Deutsch als Fremdsprache'
  • LAN 1: German A1.1
  • LAN 2: German A1.2
  • LAN 3: German A2.1
  • LAN 4: German A2.2
  • LAN 5: Business German course

Optionally you can also attend  higher German language courses, if your language level is already better than A1 or A2.


Module JOB: Several events, seminars, wokshops
  • JOB 1
  • JOB 2
  • JOB 3

You can choose events by your own. You could attend other JobStarter sessions at the IC as well as presentations within other institutes at Kiel University. Just ask which event we can accept for the Certificate Program.