Application for the program

To apply for the Winter Term 2020/21, you will have to register online. In June 2020 we will give you the link for this registration. You will have to answer the questions from point 4 below and you will have the possibility to upload all your documents, which are needed for a successfull application. You can then register until 31 August 2020.

These are the documents and things you will need for the registration. 

  1. Short CV

  2. Bachelor Certificate

  3. Admission for your Master Program

  4. Short letter of motivation highlighting the following points:

    1. Why did you choose your master program and what is your planned specialization in the framework of your master program?
    2. Which experience during your working experience/internships/voluntary service/studies was the most helpful one in order to learn more about your own personal potential?
    3. Do you already have an idea about your future job opportunities?
    4. Would you like to start your working career in Germany and if so, what could be the advantages?
    5. Why would you like to participate in the program and how can you benefit from it?
    6. What is your current German language level and which level would you like to achieve until your graduation?