Fit 4 your future career in Germany


LogoIf you can imagine staying in Germany after your graduation and applying for a job, this new program having started in the winter term 2017/18 is an ideal option for you. The preparation for the German job market is a project you should start with as early as possible and you should not delay it to the day after your graduation, especially if your German skills are still at a low level.

You can attend this program without having any previous language skills in German but the minimum level you have to achieve in this program is A 2.2.
But to succesfully enter the german job market you should consider to widen your knowledge in this language up to the level B2. Further information on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines the language levels, can be found on the DAAD-website.

The program is free of charge and supports you with various offers in this process of orientation and skill enhancement from your first master semester until your graduation. Offering a huge flexibility to ease the coordination with your studies, the program is based on two main components:

  • language courses in German
  • seminars that systematically prepare you for the German job market such as job application and soft skill trainings


The duration of the program is planned to be over 4 semesters of components. Exceptionally sessions from the component 'Job preparation' can also be attended up to one semester after your master thesis.

Once you successfully participated in all the compulsory activities of the program you will receive a certificate documenting the attended seminars. If this sounds interesting to you, apply for one of the 30 places in this program!

Courses, seminars and other events

Please check regularly the events of the JobStarter program. There you will find fitting seminars, trainings and lectures for the Certificate Program. As a participant of the program you also will get a news letter per semester with current events during the new term.

Target group

  • international students in English master programs
  • at the start of the program you may be at most in your 2nd semester