[Economics] Monetary Economics


General information

Course name Monetary Economics
Course type Lecture
Course code 030066
Course coordinator Prof. Thomas Lux
Faculty Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Examination office Examination office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Short summary Evolution of money, concepts of monetary aggregates, theories of money demand and supply, monetary policy strategies and instruments

Information about study level

Study level MA
Also possible for Suitable for advanced Bachelors (second year)

Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

Evaluation Written exam
Frequency Summer term (every two years, starting summer term 2017)

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
Further information on the teaching language recommended B2/C1

Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Courses on Introductory Economics and Basic Macroeconomic Theory

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content The lecture provides an overview over the basic concepts of monetary aggregates, theories of demand and supply in the money and credit market, theories of monetary multipliers as well as an introduction to the strategies and instruments of monetary policy in selected countries.
Reading list Will be made available
Additional information