[Economics] Sustainability Economics


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Course name Sustainability Economics
Course type Lecture with Exercise
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Faculty Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Examination office Examination office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Short summary Students should learn the conceptual basis of sustainability as inter- and intragenerational justice, and how sustainability can be operationalized in an economic context. They should become familiar with different conceptualizations of sustainability (weak and strong sustainability, inclusive wealth, planetary boundaries) and the relation of sustainability to economic efficiency. They will learn to understand the basics of dynamic optimization (in the context of resource extraction) and to interpret the results. Students should acquire an informed view on the limits to growth debate and on the most important sustainability issues (climate change, biodiversity loss) from an economic perspective.

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Study level MA Sustainability Economics
Also possible for Suitable for advanced Bachelors (second year)

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Evaluation Written exam
Frequency Winter term

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
Further information on the teaching language recommended B2

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Course Content
  • Introduction to sustainability economics
  • Concepts and criteria of sustainability
  • Economics of natural resource use and capital accumulation
  • Measuring sustainable development, methods of accounting
  • Governing the commons
  • Inclusive wealth as a measure of sustainability
  • Sustainability as distributive justice: Poverty and inequality analysis
  • Human-environmental interactions: Economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Climate change as a problem of sustainability economics
  •  The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Reading list Will be made available
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