[Biology] Advanced course in Polar Ecology


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Course name Advanced course in Polar Ecology
Course type  
Course code bioc-266
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Dieter Piepenburg
Faculty Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Examination office Examination Office of the Department of Biology
Short summary The module provides in-depth information about dominant sympagic, pelagic and benthic organisms (including micro-organisms) and their specific environments in the polar regions of both hemispheres. The course will also cover topics of land-sea interactions, e.g. in estuaries and shelf ecosystems. Besides presen- ting the current knowledge on the general biology and ecology of these organisms, special topics such as threats, population status and conservation issues of habitats for individual species are also addressed with special respect to warming and subsequent man-made changes. The course is a combination of a series of lectures and a literature seminar with oral presentations of the students.

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Study level Master
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Evaluation Written Examination
Frequency Summer semester

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B2
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Course Content The objective of this module is to introduce students to the biology and ecology of polar environments in dif- ferent regions. After completion of the module, students should have a sound knowledge on diversity, habi- tats, life cycles, feeding ecology and adaptations in biology, physiology and behaviour of marine and terre- strial polar organisms.
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